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Annual Superintendent Performance Standards

  • Policy and Governance:    

Superintendent works effectively with the Board to monitor and create internal and external District policy and demonstrates appropriate school governance to all staff, students, and the community.

  • Instructional Leadership:    

Superintendent develops and supports intellectually rigorous and coherent systems of curriculum, instruction, and assessments.

  • Organizational Leadership:

Superintendent demonstrates leadership in working collaboratively with the Board to develop a vision for the District; displays an ability to identify and rectify problems affecting the District; works collaboratively with District administration to ensure best practice for instruction and management are being utilized; and works to influence the climate and culture of the District.

  • Communications, Board Relations and Community Relations:    

Superintendent is able to communicate effectively both internally with staff and the Board as well as with the community in order to articulate District goals and priorities, address local and broader issues affecting the District, and build support for District initiatives, programs, and short and long-range plans.

  • Professionalism:   

Superintendent models professional decision-making processes and ethical standards that are consistent with the values of Pennsylvania's public education system as well as that of the local community. Superintendent additionally works to individually reflect upon his effectiveness within the role and works to improve effectiveness through the use of professional development literature and activities.

2021-22 - Superintendent Performance Evaluation

On April 11, 2022, the Purchase Line Board of School Directors completed a Superintendent Performance Evaluation for Mr. Ford for the 2021-22 school year.  Mr. Ford’s overall rating was proficient/distinguished.