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Purchase Line School District

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About Us

Why we are called Purchase Line
Western PA, a densely forested, unsettled wilderness was untouched by the hand of the settler, at least until after 1768. In that year on November 5, the Treaty of Fort Stanwix was signed. This treaty established boundary lines between lands belonging to the proprietors of PA, that being William Penn heirs and those lands occupied by the Indians of the Six Nations. The land in question was given to William Penn in the 1700's by King Charles II of England as payment for a debt to Penn's father. After the death of William Penn his son, John Penn, then Lieutenant Governor of PA, decided to have his share of the inheritance surveyed. In pursuit of the matter, John Penn communicated by letter in the fall of 1769 through Sir William Johnson, a British Indian Agent, with the Cayuga Indians, a Northeast tribe dwelling in the land to be surveyed. Due to disputes over surveying procedures, it wasn't until the fall of 1773 that the issues were settled and two representatives for the Penn estate traveled in a birch bark canoe up the West Branch of the Susquehanna River to meet with the Indians at a place known as "Canoe Place," where negotiations were begun for surveying the purchase. Following streams, ridges, and the land-marks familiar to the Indians, the party paced out a boundary, later known as the "Purchase Line," stretching from Cherry Tree to Kittanning and the Allegheny River. During the walking purchase, the party came to a location approximately seven miles from "Canoe Place" where the little settlement of Purchase Line began. Thus, the high school was erected by this village near Penn's boundary line, giving the school and newly formed district its name.
About the District
The Purchase Line School District is located 17 miles northeast of Indiana, PA.

In 1954, the district incorporated the three townships of Bell, Green, and Montgomery, along with the five boroughs of Burnside, Glen Campbell, Mahaffey, Newburg, and New Washington. The district encompasses 145 square miles and currently has a student enrollment of approximately 733 students. There is one elementary school (PK-6) and one junior-senior high school. The Elementary has 369 students, and the junior-senior high has 364 students. For detailed budget information visit the Business Office page under the District drop down menu.
Mission Statement
The Purchase Line School District's mission is to encourage and promote students to:
Success &
Vision Statement
The vision of the Purchase Line School District is to:
1. always focus on students at the forefront of our efforts,
2. concentrate those efforts on teaching every student to think critically, to problem-solve effectively and independently, and to self-assess learning and behavior continuously and
3. prepare students to choose life decisions of good citizenry and social contribution, and to successfully prepare them for the yet undefined challenges of the century.