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Remote Learning Day 1-18-22

Purchase Line SD will be operating on a "Remote Learning Day" Tuesday, January 18, 2022 for PreK-12. Teachers will reach out with further instruction or check email/google classroom in the AM. Any questions please email your building principals.


Due to inclement weather, the School Board’s Regular Meeting for Monday, January 17th, 2022, at 7 pm, will be held virtually at the following link:

PLES After School Program Grades 3-6

Dear Parents/Guardians,
The Purchase Line School District is looking for input about interest in an after school program for grades 3-6. This program would take place Monday-Thursday on days that school is in session and would start after school and go to 5:00. Transportation would be provided.

Students would receive a snack along with homework help, tutoring, and participate in other activities to help them grow both academically and emotionally. Students will get to work collaboratively with other students to problem solve and show their creativity through these various activities.

We would like to start the program in February. After we determine the interest in this program we will send out enrollment forms to be filled out. Students would not be required to attend all four days, but they must attend on the days that you select if they are in school. If they are not attending then a prior written notice stating that they will not be attending must be received. If you would be interested in having your child attend the program please go to and fill out the form by January 18th.

Thank you for your continued support and collaboration.

Thank you,

Travis Monroe & Jessica Lindsay

2hr Delay

Purchase Line SD will be operating on a 2hr delay Friday, January 7, 2022

Tik Tok Threat Memo

December 16, 2021

Dear PLSD Families,

The Purchase Line School District has become aware of a troubling post that has been shared widely this week on the social media platform TikTok. The post refers to a threat to school safety “for every school in the USA, even elementary,” on Friday, December 17.

The post appears to be part of a national TikTok trend and did not originate in our school district. It has been reported that these posts are circulating across the nation. We have received no threat specifically against either the Purchase Jr. Sr. High School or the Purchase Line Elementary School..

Additionally, the district has been in contact with the our School Security Company and the Pennsylvania State Police regarding the post. We are taking additional precautions and preparedness measures to help ensure the safety of our staff and students.

This situation serves as a good example of why it is important to avoid sharing posts online that refer to school safety threats. Even if they are not credible threats, they can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety for our students, families, and staff. We ask our families to monitor their children’s social media activity and speak with them about proper behavior online.

If you or your child become aware of any potential threat specifically toward schools in our area posted to social media or anywhere else, please report the information immediately to the Pennsylvania State Police.

As always, thank you for your partnership as we work to ensure a safe, secure, and positive learning environment for our students.


Shawn L. Ford

December 2021 Mask Memo

December 12, 2021

Dear PLSD Families,

As you may have heard, the PA Supreme Court ruled the PA Department of Health’s mask mandate to be unconstitutional, and as such, it has ended immediately. The result of this ruling is that Purchase Line School District will revert back to our local ARP Health and Safety Plan, in which masking is optional and left to parent/student choice. However, the court’s ruling does not apply to busing. That is a federal mandate, and all students, staff and drivers will have to be masked on buses.

As stated above, tomorrow, December 13, 2021 the mask mandate has been lifted. As a District, we remain committed to in-person instruction, all the while providing for a safe learning environment for our students and staff. As stated in our ARP Health and Safety Plan, those individuals who are not vaccinated or are at a high risk are not required, but are encouraged to wear masks.

We are currently researching, analyzing and reviewing our ARP Health and Safety Plan to determine what can be done to limit the number of quarantines for asymptomatic students and staff. Once we reach a final decision, we will be sure to communicate that to all families, staff and students.

Thank you for your support and patience as we continue to navigate the ever changing and unpredictable times during this pandemic.


Shawn L. Ford

ESSER Funds Feedback Survey

Parents and Guardians:

The United States Department of Education (USDE) awarded the PA Department of Education (PDE) over $500 million in emergency, one-time funds to assist districts with their response to COVID-19 impact in their schools under the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund. This is one-time funding that districts will receive in addition to annual federal funds secured under Title I, Title II, and Title IV.

The primary purpose of the ARP ESSER funds is to address learning loss, offer after-school programming, and offer summer programming. Funds can also be used to address students' academic, social, emotional and/or behavioral needs with a specific emphasis on historically underserved student groups.

The remainder of funding may be used for a wide variety of programs and items. There is an intensive focus on developing literacy in primary and elementary grades, and to ensure proper social and emotional support exists for students and staff. This may include providing professional development and training opportunities, extending the school day and/or year, technology purchases, mental health supports and services.

The Purchase Line School District is requesting your input regarding the use of these funds.

Pleas Click "Read Full Story" to access the Link!

Community Letter -Mask Mandate 11-11-21

November 11, 2021

Dear PLSD Families,

Lee Greenwood says in his song, God Bless the USA, “I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free. And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.” I want to thank every veteran as we honor them on this special day!

Yesterday, November 10, 2021, in a 4-1 decision, the Commonwealth Court found that the Pennsylvania Secretary of Health’s August 31, 2021 masking mandate is void. The Court stated that: “For the foregoing reasons, we find the Masking Order to be void ab initio.”

Accordingly, the Court granted the Petitioners’ Application and denied Respondent’s (Secretary of Health’s) Application for Enforcement. Consequently, the Court declared the Masking Order "unenforceable." Within hours, a Notice of Appeal was filed with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

At approximately 3:32 p.m. yesterday, the Secretary of Education released a statement outlining “Schools should continue to observe the school masking order throughout the duration of the Court’s proceedings.” PDE also stated the appeal will trigger a Stay of the Commonwealth Court’s ruling and keep the Masking Order in effect.

Counsel for Senator Jake Corman’s group (Corman v. Beam, No. 294 MD 2021 (Pa. Cmmw. Ct. filed Sept. 3, 2021)) stated they will ask the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to lift the Stay.

Once again, schools, parents, students, will be left in limbo while this legal battle plays out. It is anticipated that a more definitive answer will be forthcoming from the Court. As soon as we receive that clarification, I will be sure to reach out and provide you with the most up-to-date information. In the meantime, the expectation remains the same that everyone is masked up when school reopens tomorrow, Friday, November 12, 2021. Please understand that our district believes that these decisions should be made at the local level, but we also must adhere to the rule of law, and let the judicial process play out.

Thank you in advance for your continued cooperation and support. I am blessed to be part of a community that in spite of frustrating circumstances, remains respectful and unified. I ask once again that we as a community cooperatively stay focused on our core mission of preparing our students for their futures.


Shawn Ford, Superintendent

Community Letter - Inclement Weather 10-26-2021

October 26, 2021
Dear Purchase Line School District Families:
The purpose of this letter is to communicate the district’s plan for inclement weather. Purchase Line School District will use both remote learning days and traditional snow days/school cancellations during the 2021-22 school year.

Since Purchase Line School District has the ability to conduct remote learning, we can now implement a remote learning day in lieu of canceling school for weather related emergencies. Students will remain at home on remote learning days and engage in remote instruction. Remote learning days will count as a regular day of school and students are expected to complete the educational requirements, including attendance and completion of assignments.

Traditional snow days/school cancellations can also be used, and those days will be made up later in the school year. In addition, two-hour delays and early dismissals will be used by the district depending on the circumstances.
Information on remote learning days, snow days/school cancellations, two-hour delays, and early dismissals will be communicated through SchoolMessenger, our primary means of notification. Information will also be relayed through ARIN Intermediate Unit’s SchoolCast, EZ Text, and local television stations.


Shawn L. Ford
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