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December 21-23, 2020 Schedule, 12-18-20

December 18, 2020

Dear PLSD Families:

Here is the updated schedule for students returning to school next Monday, December 21,
2020. Further, it is the intention of the district to open in this same capacity when we return
from the holiday break on Monday, January 4, 2021. There will be correspondence to all
students and parents on or around December 31, 2020, confirming that plan. The schedule for
next week, December 21-23, 2020, is listed below:

● Pre-K through 6th Grade (3 Days In-School)
○ In-school Monday-Wednesday
● 7th Grade (3 Days In-School)
○ In-school Monday-Wednesday
● 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th Grade Students (1 or 2 Days In-School)
○ A/B Hybrid Schedule on the Students’ Assigned Day(s)
● 12th Grade Students (3 Days In-School)
○ In-school Monday-Wednesday
● K through 12th Grade Students with Special Needs Continue with 3 Days

Lastly, if you are having any social or mental health concerns regarding your child please reach
out to the school. Counselors are available to assist and coordinate support services. Thank
you for your understanding and continued cooperation as we navigate these unpredictable and
unprecedented times. Please be safe and stay well.


Shawn L. Ford