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Purchase Line School District

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PLSD Letter to Families 7-8-20


Office of the Superintendent, Shawn L. Ford


July 8, 2020

Dear Purchase Line Families,

I’m pleased to announce that on July, 6, 2020 the PLSD School Board approved the Health and Safety Plan  and we intend to begin school on August 24, 2020.  However, in order to reopen, it will be necessary to implement mandates and guidelines provided  by the Pennsylvania Departments of Health and Education in accordance with CDC recommendations.  Our reopening framework can be found in the Health and Safety plan that has been recently posted to the PLSD website under COVID-19. I would encourage you to take the time to fully review our plan. 

Please keep in mind the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania can impose directives upon the school District. The choice to be open, closed, or operate in some modified manner may not be a local school board  decision.

As a District, we have designed  three different Learning Pathways for families to choose from for the 2020-2021 school year.   The three learning plans are outlined below:

Traditional Instruction with Responsible Mitigation

This scenario will enable students to attend school in a traditional brick and mortar format Monday through Friday. Our schools will follow traditional hours, unless directed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Students will be provided with traditional opportunities for transportation, cafeteria services, direct instruction within their classrooms, as well as the use of school facilities.  The Purchase Line School District is committed to making all reasonable efforts to maintain a safe and positive school environment for all children and staff, including those with elevated health risks.

 Virtual/Remote Learning Instruction

Synchronous learning refers to a learning event in which a group of students are engaging in learning at the same time, regardless of their location or internet access. This option is best for students and families who have elevated health risks.  This pathway is aligned to the learning that will take place in the brick and mortar school.   We have partnered with Waterfront Learning, experts on remote learning,  to assist us and provide the platform.  This will also be the option for all students if school needs to be cancelled or shut down as result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

 Cyber Instruction with an Established Program

Cyber Instruction will enable students to attend school in a completely virtual environment through a district run cyber school academy.  The Purchase Line School District will provide students with the technology necessary to complete this type of learning and will utilize Waterfront Learning platform to guide instruction.  

In each of these scenarios, students will be able remain students of the Purchase Line School District. The Learning Pathways are designed to be flexible. Families will be able to change a student’s path, as needed, at the conclusion of each quarter (unless a situation arises in which it becomes medically necessary).  Students who have an Individualized Education Plan will also have choice. We have the capability to amend the chosen pathway based on both need and the recommendation of the IEP team.   Please keep in mind, final determinations will be made taking into account state, federal, and CDC guidelines, as well as all mandates set forth by the Governor and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. 

Our intention will be to use our teachers and follow an aligned curriculum across all pathways  to the greatest extent possible. Whatever decision students and families make in choosing traditional or virtual/cyber options, all students may participate in ALL school activities and are eligible for a PLSD diploma. I ask that you choose a PLSD pathway  over a cyber charter school!

To help us in our planning we are asking that you complete this online survey , by Wednesday July 15, 2020.  For those families without internet access and cannot complete the survey online, you will receive a call over the next two weeks to gather your information.  

Once the data has been collected from the survey we will then formulate our specific plans which we will unveil in August.

Finally, I would like to address outside cyber schools. Right now, they are operating a  heavy marketing campaign via  taxpayer dollars.  Before you choose an outside cyber school, I would encourage you to take the time to research their academic performance.  Please understand that cyber schools are not free. The district pays thousands of dollars for each student enrolled.  Increased enrollments in cyber school could result in financial hardships to all districts, including Purchase Line, which could result in loss of programs for our students in the future. 

Remember this, we are your family and community school.  We are the ones that delivered meals, had a wonderful graduation for our students, and quite frankly love and care for your children and this community.  If you are choosing for your child to be online next year due to the pandemic then look no further than Purchase Line School District to meet your needs.  



Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work in the best interest of our students and families in the development of our reopening plan.


Purchase Line Pride,


Shawn L. Ford                                                                                                                                     Superintendent