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Purchase Line School District

Please Create A Marquee

PLSD Letter to Families 4-10-20


Office of the Superintendent

April 9, 2020

Dear Purchase Line Students, Staff, Parents, and Community:

Over the last month, we have been part of a living history nightmare. The pandemic of 2020 has hit our nation, community, and school district with such swiftness, intensity, and pain.  A month ago we were still going to school and work, hearing about the dangers of the virus, but not really feeling the effects of it. A month later, our way of life has radically changed and the impact will carry on for years to come.  As a school system, we have had to completely change our operational model by focusing on two specific areas.

  • Food Preparation & Distribution:  I have been amazed at watching a group of men and women working to provide meals to our students in the community.  We are currently serving breakfast and lunch five days a week for roughly 370 students. This was, is, and will remain a top priority for the district going forward.
  • Continuity of Education:  Purchase Line School District believes that nothing replaces the brick-and-mortar school with a loving and caring teacher guiding our students on their academic journey.  However, the pandemic has created an environment where this is simply not possible. My administrative team and teachers are working hard to have a model in place to best meet the student’s needs in-spite of the constraints before us.  We will continue to update and try new approaches as we build upon our continuity of education. (Note: We will have new learning packets that will be ready next Tuesday, April 14, 2020 - there will be a memo sent on Saturday)

My major disappointment lies with our seniors and their families. This normally is a time when final preparations are being made for major end of year moments for our senior class.  The pandemic has changed that. We are looking at various ways to honor our seniors within the scope of allowable actions. I am committed to this in some way, shape, or fashion. I will begin by participating with other schools across the country by directing the football stadium lights to be turned on Friday  from 8:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. (please do not come to the field due to social distancing - we will post pictures). Though this pandemic is causing much darkness, seniors, let these lights be a reminder to keep shining brightly. Further, to all of our students, staff, parents, and community, may these lights be our hope that this darkness will go away and brighter days are coming.  We must continue to have belief and hope.

Lastly, with the Easter holiday upon us, I am completely closing down all operations for the weekend (except turning on the lights).  Please take this time to spend with family, reflect on the past month, and believe in hope for the future.

To Red Dragons near and far - KEEP SHINING!


Shawn L, Ford

Superintendent of Purchase Line School District