Technology Utilization Within The District


Purchase Line School District provides more technology than most schools of the same size and geographic region. Although Purchase Line is not officially a "one-to-one" district, there are more computers than students. In a "one-to-one" district a laptop is assigned to each student. Currently there are 1,100 computers of which 175 are laptops, most of these laptops are kept in mobile carts with wireless access to the network. Every classroom in the district has several computers for student use including all kindergarten rooms through all the classrooms at the Jr. Sr. High School.

All classrooms with the exception of one or two are equipped with overhead projectors that the faculty members use to display content from their computer screen for the entire class to see.

The Jr. Sr. High School now has 10 classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards that permit students to take part in the teaching experience. Using special pens these whiteboards respond to the touch or tap of the pen similar to the use of a mouse on a computer.  The Jr. Sr. High School also has several sets of Learner Response Systems.  This technology will begin to be installed in the Elementary Buildings during the 2009/2010 school  year.

Purchase Line School District is part of the Intermediate Unit Regional Wide Area Network consortium. This consortium has provided much faster internet access to the district, it also provides an Internet 2 connection. Internet2 is a collaborative project by over 120 U.S. research universities, working with partners in industry and government, to develop a new family of advanced applications to meet emerging academic requirements in research, teaching, and learning.

The Regional Wide Area Network provides enough bandwidth to permit video conferencing. Purchase Line School District has two mobile Polycom Video Conferencing units that permit the classroom to visit remote locations or to go on a virtual class trip.

For our students and parents an internet based portal is used to permit access to class assignments, grades, attendance, etc. Students and parents can monitor this information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In the classroom there are dozens of software applications that aid in the learning process of our students. A few of these include Compass Learning's Odyssey, Accelerated Reader, Carnegie Learning's Cognitive Tutor all of which track the individual student's progress.